Bridal make-up: tips to be beautiful on your wedding day

by | Oct 23, 2021 | Weddings Tips

Bridal make-up in puglia

Today we’re talking about bridal make-up, one of the elements that will help make the bridal look perfect and enviable, making you feel like a real star on the best day of your life!

We often talk about both wedding dresses to help you choose the right dress and formal dresses for those who will attend your big event, as well as hairstyles for bride and guest that will make your look perfect: today, however, we will focus on the make-up of the protagonist of the wedding! If you have already read our tips for a perfect DIY bridal make-up, but you want to be 100% sure not to make mistakes, follow our advice and try to put them into practice with the help of a make-up artist!

Bridal make-up will be one of the decisive elements of the bridal look on your wedding day, and that is why it should not be neglected or put on the back burner. On the contrary, it is important to rely on competent and professional people who know how to help you enhance the features and characteristics of your face and camouflage some small imperfections, something that only a make-up artist is able to do.

Types of bridal makeup: how to choose the right one!

The types of bridal make-up are really many, but certainly among the trends of recent times we find the natural bridal makeup, a make-up apparently lighter and less pronounced, which prefers nude tones and gives the bride a much more spontaneous and clean image. Another type of make-up, very fashionable among brides is the smokey eyes effect, through which dark shades make the eyes even more intense and magnetic, giving the bride a really charming look. In this case, the shades to be used can be different, from shades of black, gray, brown, but also green, depending also on the color of the complexion, eyes and hair.

Complexion, eyes and hair, in fact, are very important in the choice of shades for bridal makeup; for example, for a bridal makeup for green eyes you can use all the tones that create a good contrast such as purple and other warm shades, while for a bridal makeup for brown eyes you can opt for a bronze or even warm gold, gray and blue, always taking into account the color of the hair and complexion.

Very important in the phase of choosing the type of makeup for the wedding is to ensure that this fully reflects your personality, in the same way that the dress must represent you 100% and make you feel completely at ease.

Many brides for the choice of the type of makeup are also inspired by the color theme of their wedding or even to some important details that they have decided to include in the context of marriage or in some accessories of the outfit, such as the bouquet of flowers.

Other decisive factors for the choice of bridal make-up

In addition, not to be underestimated in the choice of bridal makeup are the hairstyle, jewelry and dress, elements to which the make-up must absolutely match to perfection. On gowns rich in stones or points of light, for example, it would be better to avoid too warm tones. On the contrary, with simple wedding dresses, you can tend to colors such as gold, avoiding cold tones such as gray.

Finally, another point to take into account for the final choice of make-up is the time of day when the wedding takes place, evening or morning, not counting of course the season. Certainly a very light make-up, with light tones, does not have the same effect if combined with a dress code with a winter wedding dress in which you may require colors a little more visually pronounced.

Pay attention to the make-up test!

Once cleared up a little ‘ideas about how to be the bridal makeup for the most important day of your life, it is appropriate to start with the programming of the tests, preferably a few months before. The ideal would be at least three months before the wedding, so that you have plenty of time to change your mind and build everything one step at a time with your professional to whom you have chosen to entrust this very important task. But that’s not all! Booking the make-up tests well in advance will also allow you to evaluate his work and if he doesn’t convince you completely, you will have time to find someone else who will fully satisfy you.

Also, remember to give the makeup artist all the information about the rest of the wedding look. And if you still haven’t chosen how to wear your hair, discover the latest trends in bridal hairstyles and follow our precious advice to embellish them with natural elements, such as those that will be part of your bridal bouquet.


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