Couple Enjoys Romantic Sunset Wedding by the Sea in Monopoli

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Puglia beach wedding


Few things in this world could be more romantic than the sunset wedding by the sea that was recently enjoyed byDanilo and Nastasia.

The couple recently exchanged vows on the beach of “Capitolo” at the Lido Sabbiadoro in Monopoli in the middle of the summer season.

It was the perfect location for them – a location that we carefully selected for the couple from the many available locations in Puglia due to its beauty.

The couple enjoyed a carefully arranged, very exciting symbolic ceremony that was celebrated in German by their dear friend and that included a desired sand ritual.

The couple from Switzerland chose Puglia to crown their dream of love due to the groom’s family originally being from there.

Danilo and Nastasia dreamed of a wedding on the Apulian beach –and that is exactly what we ensured they enjoyed.

The beach of Monopoli at sunset was beautiful and this highlighted the sea-inspired production in shades of blue and white.

The arrangements I designed for their wedding were made with the collaboration and professionalism of my florist Cosimo and wonderfully  photographed by Antonio, a trusted supplier of mine.

One of the biggest values of my service is my connections with the best local providers and venues. It’s these connections that allow dream weddings to come true.

All the decorations for the wedding, which were in shades of white, light blue, powder pink and green were designed to make the bride’s dream of a romantic wedding come true.

We used beautiful light blue and white hydrangeas that recalled the lightness between sky and sea and decorative objects, like the lighthouse and shells to enrich the tableau. We also used the symbol of infinity as a frame in their menus.

A gazebo was set up on the beach featuring a very elegant white cotton fabric with delicate celestial, pink and white flower bouquets tied to the  sides, which gave an even more magical and light touch to the whole set-up.

On the table for the ceremony, there were shells that were tied with two ribbons in celestial organza and ivory and two small bottles filled with sand of different colors, one for him and one for her, The sands were mixed together during the ceremony to signify the eternal union of two souls in a special heart-shaped container as was Nastasia’s wish.

The rope-colored chairs were adorned with small bouquets of flowers wrapped in celestial ribbons.

The reception tables were arranged in the central part of the location, with a placeholder created with a bouquet of white rose and gypsophila, the menu was designed and personalized, all following a line of elegant style with shades of blue.

Candles placed on the table to create their romantic atmosphere.

The tableau mariage was made from a central lighthouse, where a large blue frame containing the names of the table of honor was placed next to it and white frames were placed next to which were inserted the cards with the names and number of tables, each of them was accompanied by a glass bottle in marine style with sand inside and small lighthouses, precisely.

Behind the bride and groom table we created a panel with very elegant flowers hanging from shades of pink, white and light blue, which made the atmosphere around them even more romantic.

We handled all of the decorating, which was done to the bride’s specifications, so that she could relax and enjoy her time in Puglia.

The party was a filled with joy and emotions and featured a high-class live band along with a very nice DJ who made the party last until 3:30 am!

A very intense aspect of the event was the cutting of the cake. To accompany and illuminate the moment, we prepared sparkling sticks for each guest, lights and candles suffused on the ground on the sand, which made the cutting of the cake incredibly romantic.

Here’s what Danilo and Nastasia had to say:

“If we could have the chance to relive this beautiful day we would do it the same way, everything was as perfect as we wanted it to be. Perfect organization, great food, dream location and customized music for our party. All excellent. Thank you, you have made our wedding in Italy UNFORGETTABLE, not only for us but also  for our guests!!”

When it comes to getting married in a foreign country having the right support in place can make all the difference. Thanks to our connections with vendors and venues we were able to provide Danilo and Nastasia with the wedding they dreamed of.

We also handled the different stress-inducing aspects of planning and decorating for the wedding so that the couple could truly enjoy this special moment in their lives.

If you are interested in having your dream wedding in Puglia, contact us today.

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