Forbes celebrates the masserie of Puglia: “Here you will find the incredible flavors of Italy”

by | Apr 10, 2021 | Apulian News

masseria torre coccaro

Journalist Tamara Thiessen traveled through the Valle d’Itria and was amazed by the beauty of the places: “It feels like being on your own private Greek island.”

Telling an extraordinary land like Apulia through its flavors: this is the feat attempted by a journalist from Forbes, Tamara Thiessen. The prestigious newspaper dedicated an article to Italy and to the journey through the Itria Valley, among luxury farms such as Torre Coccaro, Borgo Egnazia and Torre Maizza. For the contrast between the blue of the sky and the white of the residences, “it could be Greece,” he writes.

“Madam, here it is! The eggplant parmigiana that you prepared this morning,” so opens the report that starts precisely from the dishes to tell the territory. “The smell of the dough still warm, with olive oil, mixes exhilaratingly with the restorative air of salt, and the breeze of the Apulian sea – he says about the taralli – Those homemade ones are really complicated to prepare.” Thiessen, who has had the opportunity to take cooking classes at the masseria, has also grasped the variety of raw materials: “Local food – farm meats and cheeses – end up on the plate as early as breakfast in an Apulian masseria.”

It’s the masserias themselves that impress her: “The exteriors in the moonlight, with a pergola covered by bougainvillea, are magic. When the entire structure is illuminated with lanterns at night – she writes about Torre Coccaro – it is like being on your own private Greek island”.

Some local personalities, such as Domingo Schingaro, chef of Borgo Egnazia, act as guides in this enchanted land: “Here we are very lucky to have an incredible variety of vegetables – he says – and an immense culinary heritage. For example, there are 30 different varieties of tomatoes, 10 types of artichokes, eight of chicory”.

In short, Apulia reminds the author of the article of Greece, but it also has something more: “Besides having added some priceless dishes to my repertoire of Italian cuisine, which I constantly revisit – adds the journalist – the memories that remain with more strength are those of the rural landscapes of Apulia”.

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