Cucina Pugliese between flavors, traditions and scents typical of the Heel of Italy

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Lady at home preparing cucina pugliese

Rich in flavors and delicacies, in scents and particularities, cucina Pugliese is renowned all over the world for its special genuineness.

In the region there is no lack of traditional dishes, related to the famous Mediterranean diet.

Overlooking the waters of the Adriatic Sea on one side and the Ionian Sea on the other, the region can enjoy delicacies and goodness fresh from the sea: freshly caught fish and seafood are always available on the tables of the people of Puglia.

La cucina Pugliese boasts a rich variety of vegetables and authentic products directly cultivated in the fertile lands overlooking the sea or in the harsher inland areas of the region.

Walking through the streets you can feel the essence of tradition, emanating from the characteristic scents of Sunday ragout.

A cuisine made of love and passion, tradition and wisdom handed down from mouth to mouth, from mother to daughter.

A precious knowledge cultivated with dedication and care, with meticulousness and beauty. Apulian food is the true protagonist of a life-long story.

Little secrets make the difference in the success of a typical dish, that special touch that always makes the difference.

Flavors and colors come together on the table, but a contribution to the flavor and its success is provided by the raw material: from the carrot of Polignano to the tomato of Torre Guaceto or Lucera, from the chicory of Galatina to the white one of Otranto up to the renowned red onion of Acquaviva, there are many vegetables and fruits typical of the cultivations in the region.

In short, in Apulia you always cry twice, when you get to the table and when you get up.

Often imitated flavors are difficult to reproduce in places where one cannot use the same raw materials, the fundamental basis of the flavors and delicacy of regional dishes.

One of the best cuisines in the world, the Apulian one is born from the genuineness of the products of which is exalted the final quality with the aim of not altering the flavors at the time of preparation.

Preferred ingredients are vegetables, turnips, cabbage, peppers, eggplants, artichokes, legumes, broad beans, chickling peas, lentils, beans, green beans, which are skilfully mixed with the scents of the Adriatic Sea and the characteristic products of the mountains in the inaccessible and harsh areas such as those of Gargano.


Each season is characterized by its scents and its typical recipes in the cuisine of the Heel of Italy.

Starting from the beloved orecchiette with turnip tops, or the same with horsemeat sauce, the culinary wisdom blends with the great dexterity thanks to which the pasta is processed on wooden tables directly in the street.

Walking through the narrow streets of some cities such as Polignano a Mare, Ostuni, Lecce, Gallipoli, it is possible to meet housewives at work preparing cavatelli, strascinati, troccoli and orecchiette.

In addition to the delicious first courses, the region is renowned throughout Italy for special products such as bread from Altamura, or other rotisserie products including the characteristic fried or baked panzerotti, the extraordinary and tasty focaccia barese, vegetables in batter and many other delicacies that although the subject of attempts to reproduce, if tasted directly in Puglia have an unforgettable flavor.

Simple dishes mostly coming from the poor and peasant tradition, some considered as appetizers are dishes still used in homes.

The special panzanella, also called acquasale, the typical bombette of Itria Valley, cheeses with bold and strong flavors such as cacioricotta, canestrato, ricotta, or some typical regional dairy products such as mozzarella, stracciatella or burrata.

The Apulian sweets corner reserves the same great surprises with delicacies of extraordinary goodness including Casatiello, Zeppole, Rosata di mandorle, Boconotti, Pasticciotto leccese, taralli al vincotto and many other delicacies.

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