Whoopi Goldberg in love with Puglia: his tour in Italy

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Apulian News

Whoopi Goldberg

The famous American actress Whoopi Goldberg has landed in our country and has been enchanted by the wonders of Puglia

Just a few hours ago, Whoopi Goldberg arrived in Puglia and set out on a journey to discover its secret wonders. The actress was pleasantly surprised by what she saw and is only on the first day of her tour. She still has a lot to admire, and we are sure that on his return home he will leave a piece of his heart here.

Puglia is a place much loved by tourists, and there are many stars – Italian and international – who go there on vacation. Splendid sea, crystal clear waters and good traditional Salento food: what more could you want for a few days in total relaxation?

We are not surprised, therefore, that Whoopi Goldberg has chosen this splendid destination to pull the plug a little. The actress was in fact in Italy, and more precisely in Bassano del Grappa, to present her book “The Unqualified Hostess”, a guest at the famous Palazzo Roberti bookshop.

Thus, Goldberg decided to lengthen her journey a little and landed in Puglia, at the Salento airport. The reasons for this choice? The actress explained to her in some videos published in her Instagram stories – where, among other things, she continues to document all the stages of her Italian tour.

“Puglia has a great meaning for me: it is the home of my best working partner’s family, her grandparents came from Puglia” – revealed Whoopi. And she has discovered something wonderful in this land, which she can no longer do without.

So much so that the actress is thinking of buying a home to spend her future holidays here, and for this reason, she is visiting the Salento today: she is looking for the perfect place for her summer relaxation.

His first stop is Marina Serra di Tricase, a very small neighborhood overlooking the sea. It’s peculiarity? The presence of a natural pool with splendid colors and turquoise waters, built on pre-existing abandoned tuff caves and sea caves. Dominated by the Calino promontory and Torre Palane, this inlet is a true wonder of nature.https://www.youtube.com/embed/LArdXEmjAa0?showinfo=0

In the area, there are many other splendid coves, born from the rocky confirmation of the Apulian coast.

It really seems to be the perfect place, immersed in tranquility and isolated from the rest of the world, where you can spend happy and carefree days.

But the Italian tour of Whoopi has just begun, and in Puglia, there are many other wonders to discover.

On which location will your final choice fall?

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