Mozzarella, Apulian fiordilatte with compact or stringy goodness

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Apulian Food

“Gioia del Colle mozzarella has recently been recognized as a DOP product.”

Stringy in a hot dish, baked-on pizza, or eaten without other additional flavors: his majesty mozzarella goes well with any dish and flavor.

Loved by children, appreciated by adults, this product is produced in an excellent way even in the Apulian territories: just think that the Gioia del Colle mozzarella has been officially registered in the Official Journal of the DOP products.

Its sphere or cube shape contains all the juiciness of cow’s milk, for a unique but at the same time delicate flavor.


Mozzarella, in Puglia also called the name of fiordilatte, is a spun paste cheese and has its origins in southern Italy that gave it birth.

Although this delicacy was born in nearby Campania, of which its variant of Bufala is very famous, Puglia has also refined its production techniques.

How mozzarella is made

For the realization of this dairy product, the curd is poured a part of the whey heated to a rather high temperature, which is around 50 ° C. After a few minutes (about 15), the same operation is repeated but at 60 °. It is at this point that the curd is left to rest to facilitate acidification and only then cut into long thin slices, immersed in water at 90 °.

At this point, its dough is worked between the expert hands of the workers who decide to obtain the desired shapes, based on the use that will be made of it.

Apulian mozzarella is now ready to be enjoyed in multiple dishes and occasions, such as your wedding in true Apulian style. Depending on whether you taste it cold or hot, however, it will be able to give different sensations to each other.

If savored naturally, the mozzarella appears on the palate as compact but at the same time creamy, while if tasted hot it will turn into stringy goodness, to be enjoyed bite after bite.

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