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by | Jan 16, 2021 | Weddings Tips

To organize a wedding in a vineyard is undoubtedly a very particular idea, which is becoming more and more fashionable and it is very common all over Apulia. Sometimes it even happens that some young foreign couples want to get married in the Italian vineyards.

Vineyards and wineries are a special place because they keep the typical flavors and smells of a winery and their soft and slightly shaded atmosphere allows the celebration of truly unique weddings.

To make everything special, it will also be the way you dress or the way you decide to decorate everything, but not only. To all this must be added the possibility of having a tour among vineyards or in the green of nature, before having lunch or dinner. Undoubtedly an experience you do not try every day.

  • Wedding in a vineyard: the particularity
  • How to dress for a wedding in a vineyard
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  • Special decorations

Wedding in a vineyard: the particularity

Wedding in a vineyard is an idea that is getting more and more popular in the last years, also because there are more and more couples who really like the fact of being able to celebrate their wedding in the middle of the scent of wine, of the taste of nature and of its enchanting green, as well as in the middle of its simplicity and genuineness.

Wedding in a vineyard can be especially suited for those couples who have always loved the agricultural and natural environment, or maybe they have worked or are already working on a farm.

Actually, there are many young people who choose the so-called “wedding in the vineyard” also to try an unprecedented experience, just because they are not used to being in contact with nature and the products of the earth.

Without any doubt, the winery is a very special place to get married, and usually, the winery also provides a special tasting path for guests and newlyweds.

In this case, the bride and groom will only have to decide at which moment of the day to do the tour, in order to see the huge spaces dedicated to vineyards, gardens rich in olive trees and flowers, but not only. The peculiarity of a wedding in a winery is also the fact of being able to see live how wine is produced and taste the importance of natural products.

How to dress for a wedding in a vineyard

If you choose to have your wedding in a wine cellar, remember that the watchword is “simplicity”. Since you will find yourself in a kind of enchanted atmosphere, where there will be only the silence of nature and its musical notes dictated by the wind or the rustle of the grain, as well as the scent of the vines, it is useless to aim at clothes that give an idea of excessive elegance.

This will undoubtedly not be lacking, also because celebrating a wedding in a winery does not mean the setting will not be elegant, however very high heels should be avoided and a more sober dress should be chosen, and this is true for the bride and groom as well as for guests.

In fact, it is very important to remember that during the possible tour among vineyards or even the tasting path, one can encounter a not very stable floor, and of course, when it will be outdoors it will also have to do with clods of earth, which can make some stilettos get stuck.

Yes to colorful clothes, particular shades, and even bright colors, which perhaps can recall the natural ones. Avoid, however, those excessive, such as fluorescent yellow or electric blue, undoubtedly not suitable for the type of ceremony.

It should also be stressed the importance of always having at hand a shrug or a jacket that can keep you warm in case the temperature outside is low. Usually, the cellars have higher humidity and that is why even inside, the temperature can be lower than outside.

If you will have held the wedding in the Church first and you will have opted for a very elegant dress, you can also resort to a change of clothes, when you reach the wine cellar. Here, in fact, you will be able to change and choose simple clothes, although always elegant and suitable for the occasion.

Masseria for weddings in the vineyard

Among farms for weddings, there are many to choose from, if you want to celebrate your wedding in a wine cellar. In fact, there are many wineries that have both the winery and the restaurant, therefore the bride and groom can also decide to have a tasting in the winery first, and then welcome all the guests directly in the restaurant area. In short, it is enough to choose the right location, the one that will better reflect your tastes.

As for the menu, this can be special as well and you will be able to choose 0 km products, all-natural, but not only. There are also those who prefer sweets, or even first and second courses that always contain a little bit of wine, in order to recall the main theme. Besides this, as a beverage, your table must certainly have some good red or white wine, an element that will represent not only the place of the ceremony but also your own party!

Special decorations

If you choose a wedding in a vineyard, even the decorations you can make can be very special. To stay in the wine theme, a very particular idea could be to make place cards in the shape of a bottle of wine, or cards depicting barrels full of this beverage.

In order to organize everything in the most elegant way possible, you will be able to focus on a contrast of colors, both the typical red of wine and white. The latter will in fact give a touch of particular elegance to the table, to the chairs, but on every element can appear a reddish ribbon or even a band, which will recall the typical color of the wine cellar.

There are also those who make particular wedding favors, which include some elements such as the bottle of wine or the winery itself.

As we have seen, a wedding in a vineyard can be particularly special and it does not only offer an occasion to celebrate one’s wedding, but it also gives the possibility to have a unique experience, surely unprecedented and, above all, in the middle of nature.

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