Organizing a Wedding in the Countryside

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wedding in the countryside

Organizing a wedding in the countryside means being able to take advantage of the surrounding nature to create a magnificent atmosphere. First of all, flowers, ears of corn, greenery, and any other natural element will help to make everything magical. You can, however, indulge in particular decorations, which always take up the country’s environment.

It will also be important to choose a suitable piece of clothing, which can guarantee to make a good impression and make you look elegant, without, however, exaggerating with too sumptuous clothes. Among the many factors, you’ll have to think about there is also the one concerning the choice of the right Italian wedding location, which can be a farmhouse, since it is celebrated in the countryside.



Wedding in the countryside: ideas

A wedding in the countryside can be a brilliant idea to celebrate in the midst of nature, but also to feel the magnificent authenticity that the country’s environment is able to offer. This “magic” will also join a touch of simplicity that will manage to make everything perfect. Among the many ideas that you can follow to make your party splendid, there is first of all the organization. This means that the seating should always be in abundance, never counted, and the decorations should be suitable and not excessive, but not only.

To all this, you will also have to add another important factor: choosing a place that has shelters in case there is bad weather. Although restaurants for weddings in the countryside offer magnificent gardens and outdoor spaces, there are also many farmhouses or locations that provide pergolas or porches under which you can shelter in case of rain.

A fantastic wedding will be such if everything is well organized, but always in the name of simplicity and relaxation. This is the special element of the countryside: the nature that will surround the bride and groom and their guests will give a sense of tranquility and while celebrating you can enjoy the fantastic scent of flowers, as well as the magnificent colors of the country’s environment.


Decorations for a perfect outdoor wedding

The countryside is capable of emphasizing the authenticity and originality of small gestures, simplicity and especially tranquility, beautiful thoughts, and the importance of nature. It will be exactly this that you will have to transfer also in the decorations, which will have to be matched in the best way with the surrounding environment. No exaggerated ornaments, no excessive colors and try to avoid dark tones. Nature is sunny, clear, and full of light and this is what you should put on the table, on the chairs, and on every element, you want to decorate. If possible, prefer the powder pink color, or the champagne shade, white and even light yellow.

It can be a very nice idea to be able to decorate the chairs for the guests but try to prefer only wood, wicker or even bamboo, for their materials. As for the place cards, it would be better if you used silk ribbons, perhaps having them embroidered, or even cards that reflect the colors of the table.

The latter, in addition to those already mentioned, can also be with some touch of gold or silver, as long as you do not overdo it with these shades so flashy. Everything will have to look simple, but at the same time, you will have to make sure that no detail is left to chance. 

Restaurant for outdoor weddings: the choice and the menu

Choosing the right location for a wedding in the countryside may not be easy, but in reality, you just need to opt for a restaurant for weddings that can satisfy your tastes and that has plenty of space available. 

The surrounding nature should not be just a small courtyard, but you should look for a farm, a villa, or even a farm, which can offer several acres of land so that the viewer can get lost in breathtaking views. 

Remember that for the table would be preferable to avoid plastic plates or glasses, but prefer everything that is metal. Even for the place cards at the table, you can opt for embroidered napkins enclosed in a metal ring, or choose cute cards, but that reflect the colors chosen for other decorations. It can be a very special idea to insert on the table, always with decorative intent, a lot of fruit, and many wildflowers, which recall the rural environment.

As for the menu instead, you can opt for products at km 0, which are all organic food and there are even those who prefer to include dishes, especially desserts, made with flowers. The latter in fact can create that extra touch that can also amaze guests and give a special taste and country to every single dish. 

The right clothes for a perfect country wedding 

To organize a magnificent wedding in a rustic and country style, it will be necessary to pay attention to the clothes. If the bride and groom will be dressed elegantly, this does not mean that the guests should overdo the pomp or wear excessively long or uncomfortable clothes. 

Rather, even the couple that is going to the wedding will be able to opt for very simple, but at the same time original, pieces of clothing. The bride could wear ribbons or put small decorations on her dress, which will then be found in the color of the ornaments of the table, chairs, and surrounding elements.

As for the guests, they could opt for clothes that recall the floral style, but that do not present excessive colors. The ideal would be to choose shades always light, but not too refined clothes. You’ll have to remember in fact that they too will have to be comfortable, especially women, who will have to avoid stilettos, but maybe prefer a thicker heel to try not to fall with clods of earth, or with the stems of the grass.

As we have seen, there are really many elements to which you must pay attention to succeed in organizing a perfect wedding in the countryside. What you should not forget is that in order to succeed in making everything magical, you should focus mainly on simplicity and recall the natural elements even in the decorations you choose.

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