The Most Common Fears of a Bride-to-be

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Weddings Tips


Fears of Bride. Marriage is certainly a big step that is difficult to take lightly. Anxieties, worries, and fears can lead to nightmares for a future bride. On the wedding day, you want everything to go smoothly. Hopefully, there will be no hiccups and unforeseen events that could ruin months of hard work. With the tiredness accumulated to organize every detail perfectly, it is easy to come across the worst pre-wedding dreams. Here are the most common and recurring ones. Fear of falling It is not a question of falling in a metaphorical sense, that is to say not making the best of the day, but of getting to the ground in the true sense of the word.

There are so many brides who have the nightmare of slipping ruinously, in front of the eyes of all the guests, just when they have to reach the altar or other highlights of the celebration. The fear becomes even greater when the shoes to wear for the occasion have a dizzying heel. A good rule of thumb is to practice walking around the house in your new shoes so that you can get familiar with them.

The fear of not being beautiful

The bride is always the protagonist of the wedding and must look perfect and beautiful. Even after choosing the most suitable makeup and hairstyle, as well as a fairytale dress, the constant nightmare remains that of not living up to the situation. Many future brides are terrified of appearing in photos with unsightly dark circles under the eyes, unnecessary hair, and imperfections in the dress. Asking your trusted makeup artist and hairdresser for some pre-wedding proof will help ease the tension and verify how suitable the chosen look really is.

Fear of being left alone

This state of anguish affects all future brides a little bit. That of being abandoned is a very recurring torment, which leaves them dazed and incredulous. Usually, the father is concerned to accompany the bride to the altar, while the future bridegroom awaits with trepidation. To arrive at the place of celebration and not find anyone is something terrible. A real nightmare that leaves no one indifferent. Sometimes the reassuring words of loved ones can overcome such fears.

Fear of strong emotions

No less worrying is the nightmare of not being able to control your emotions. Fears of Bride. Some future brides are afraid of crying out, others of being overly euphoric. This is a real torment, especially for those women who are particularly sensitive and unable to keep a cool head in situations of high emotional stress. Sport and liberating crying before marriage will contribute to greater serenity.

Fear of forgetfulness

Forgetting the bouquet, inviting your best friends, warning the priest, picking up wedding favors and wedding rings, or worse, exchanging the wedding date are all rather disturbing situations. Before letting yourself be overwhelmed by #panic and confusion it is good to recapitulate everything there is to do and provide in time to repair any forgetfulness.

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