Strada delle Orecchiette, the art of pasta in the streets of Bari Vecchia

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Apulian Food

Strada delle Orecchiette

“In this street, it is possible to admire the women of Bari intent on the handicraft production of the typical orecchiette.”

A tour through the narrow alleys of Bari Vecchia cannot exempt you from visiting one of its most famous streets, nicknamed by all as “Strada delle Orecchiette”.

This epithet certainly does not leave aside any misunderstanding: it is in this part of the city that Apulian women make exquisite orecchiette outside their homes, produced strictly by hand.

You are not inside a movie set but in the reality of the housewives from Bari who from day to day produce the delicacy showing tourists and the curious the craftsmanship of the creation of the typical pasta appreciated all over the world. In the street of the orecchiette, after all, nothing is left to chance: women are provided with the right ingredients for their realization, which includes, of course, the board on which to mix everything.


To assist the housewives who produce fresh pasta, not only in their classic variant but also in burnt wheat, wholegrain or giant, it will therefore be sufficient to go to the Arco Basso street.

It is here that you dive into the vital routine of the Apulian women, who with their culinary advice have become real web stars.

Armed with practical advice and a smile ready to welcome the many tourists who come to this street attracted by the scent of flour that driven by curiosity, the “women of orecchiette” are now an integral part of local folklore.


But what is their secret and why are their products the best of all the others made by hand? Apparently, the answer to this question is not possible.

It is said that the secret cannot be revealed. Otherwise, you could lose the gift that has been handed down from generation to generation. What may seem to ordinary tourists a simple artisan production, in reality, for women and for all the inhabitants of the place more than anything else a sacred gift so as to enhance but always to take care of and preserve.

The magic with which these women are endowed, after all, is known to anyone who tastes their products: a mouthful and you get straight to Heaven.

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