The difference between a wedding organized by a professional and an event organized alone or with the help of friends and relatives.

by | Dec 28, 2020 | Weddings Tips

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Would you go to a dentist for a car practice or a mechanical friend for a medical consultation?

Of course NO! So why turn to friends, relatives, or organize your own wedding on your own and let the anxiety arising from the fear that your most important day will not succeed according to your wishes and expectations prevail? Definitely better to turn to a professional expert in the field, the WeddingPlanner who can guide you, advise you, try to take care of everything in detail, and above all will be able to support you in a period characterized by a cocktail of feelings and emotions arising from the awareness that you are going to meet at the beginning of a new life and everything must be perfect.

The organization of a wedding is a complex practice that requires an excessive commitment of energy-related to aspects such as the location, the clothes, the design of the hall and the church, the entertainment of the guests, and many other aspects that can surely escape your imagination if you are not an expert.

The biggest concern for those who are about to get married is that their Wedding Day is truly a memorable day, which fully reflects the crowning glory of love. Turning to us you will certainly make sure that your wedding is full of positive suggestions that allow you to fully experience all the positive emotions and maybe even the negative ones related to the fateful day.

Unlike other wedding planners we start from you, your personalities, your tastes and expectations, we can take care of the organization of the entire wedding and that is the choice of location, wedding favors, dresses, invitations, entertainment, and everything that is essential for a wedding event, especially important aspects related to a destination wedding.

In addition to the practical organization, we, unlike your friends or relatives, with our professionalism and experience, we can help you to make explicit your wishes regarding the wedding day, perhaps modifying them with some nuances, but certainly with the aim of being able to say “This is how we wanted our wedding!” or “We did not believe that our wedding would succeed better than we had imagined! Another important reason that could push you to decide to choose a Wedding Planner is the management of the budget you have available.

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The professional with his own experience knows how to concentrate expenses on the useful elements and avoid expenses that do not produce effects to the event, for example being attentive to the period or trends, contribute to the reduction of costs that can be avoided and other details that ONLY the expert can know.

Summing up we Wedding Planner can cure with professionalism: the location, proposing and planning together with you the right setting, from the historic mansion or villa to the restaurant for wedding receptions, ensuring coordination in presence on the wedding day; photographic set taking care of the direction in one of the most important moments that testify your love story; management and care of the catering at the beginning of the ceremony, paying attention to the elegance and all the aspects that make that particular moment of the ceremony welcoming; preparation of the white table, that is, the table at the end of the ceremony, decorated with sugared almonds and sweets, a symbol of thanksgiving of the participants; 

floral decorations of the church and the reception room; participation, taking care of the style and graphics; management of your guests; management of the economic budget of the bride and groom; clothes, advising the style and taking care of the preparation; handling of wedding practices.

In short, it is always useful to contact us Wedding Planner to be able to organize perfectly and enjoy your wedding day. Do you want to know what we can do for you? >>> contact us  


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