6 elements of the wedding that it is better not to venture with DIY

by | Oct 16, 2021 | Weddings Tips

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Although DIY might be the winning key to ensure you have a unique and inimitable style, know that there are 6 elements of the wedding that it is better not to venture with DIY, which ones? Find out by reading the next article!

Personalizing such an important day with DIY can be a really good idea especially if you are quite capable. But there are some wedding elements that would be better left out of your DIY projects because they could end up making you wear a wedding dress that you don’t like as well as not looking good or even end up with a wedding hairstyle that is not strong and elegant! So here are for you 6 elements of the wedding that are best not to venture into DIY.

Floral decorations

Decorating with flowers is a real art. Of course you can choose the ones you like the most to set up the reception hall, the place of the ceremony or even to make your bouquet of flowers, but if you are not really experts in the composition and creative decoration better keep away from this task and let professionals do their job by making you find beautiful floral decorations on the day so long awaited.


Photo reportage

Another element that is best left to a professional is the wedding reportage. The fact that your second cousin has taken a few pictures of a soccer game between friends does not make him a real photographer, so it is better to prefer the experience of a professional who knows precisely what he must do, which is to capture every moment of your big day making shots that speak of you in a spontaneous and natural way.

Wedding menu

The same goes for the wedding menu: it is better to rely on a good catering or restaurant of the location. Prepare a lunch for many guests, even if they do not exceed 50 people, is really a titanic task for a bride or her family. In addition, in the last days before the wedding you will have so many things to do and you will probably be too stressed to take care of the menu, so … stay out of the kitchen!

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Your dress

The fact that you’ve taken some sewing lessons does not make you an expert seamstress, especially if it comes to making your coveted mermaid wedding dress! Whatever model you choose, it will always be too challenging to dare to create it on your own; if you really want to have it made-to-measure based on an idea of yours, ask a tailor friend or a professional tailor so that you can get the dress you’ve always dreamed of and not something that vaguely reminds you of it…

Makeup and hair

Very often, in order to save money, you decide to eliminate one or both suppliers in this category, opting for a DIY. We would like to remind you, however, that only an expert will know if a bridal hairstyle with curly hair and braids is really the best choice for your wedding look or which shade is best for a brown-eyed bridal makeup. So, unless you are an expert makeup artist and hair stylist, let yourself be advised by real professionals!

Makeup and hair wedding bride

The whole wedding details

And then there are those DIY projects that are a bit too complicated and therefore take quite a long time to complete, which you really should avoid for an event as important as your wedding. Ok to the realization of DIY wedding place cards or Welcome Bag for the guests, but wanting to overdo the preparation of any detail of the wedding could make you arrive at the Big Day with some elements still unfinished and a lot (maybe too much) nervousness.

Choosing to give a personal touch to your wedding with DIY is an idea that will certainly make you have a wedding with a unique style and very personalized, thanks to which you will have great success among the guests. But our advice is not to get carried away by keeping to a few items such as wedding favors for example or some other details for the guests, while avoiding the wedding look. In short, yes to DIY but in moderation!

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