“I don’t need the wedding planner to plan my wedding, because I have my mom, my best friend etc..”

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Weddings Tips

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Finally, your boyfriend has decided and asked you the long-awaited question: will you marry me?

Of course, with your voice trembling with the emotion you answered yes; and now you have to plan the wedding. There are a lot of things to do, but as optimistic as you are you think you will be able to organize everything by yourself; at most if I really need help there is always my mother, my best friend, my sister, and many other people willing to give me a hand. Trust me, it’s not as simple as it may seem, and setting the new commitments, with those we all have every day, will be a real heroic mission.

Of course, the first thing to do is to book the church you like, sometimes you have to wait several months. Once you set the date you can think about everything else, the restaurant must be booked in time, otherwise, you risk not having the one with the ideal location for your photos. Of course, you must also choose the menu, taking into account both our personal tastes and those of the guests; if among them someone has allergies, or follows a particular dietary style, you must absolutely take this into account to avoid ugly figures. Another thing that you will be very busy with will be the choice of the dress, there are so many models that finding the right one will be quite complicated.

Well, church, restaurant, and dress are there, just missing: the florist, wedding favors, wedding invitations, wedding rings, wedding list, honeymoon, and many other things. Of course, the people close to you can help you but explain well your point of view, the wedding is yours, and the final choices are up to you, the risk is not to have the wedding you want. In the meantime, a thousand doubts will nag you, and you will wonder a million times if you are making the right choice, if you can do everything in time and if you do not forget anything; in short, even if you delegate some things, you must always check that everything is going according to your plans.

The risk is that you will arrive at your wedding day tired and stressed and you will not be able to enjoy that wonderful day as you deserve.

So why not consider having a wedding planner help you? >>>Contact Us We will organize everything according to your wishes and personality, and finally, you just have to choose and try on the dress for your measurements, and you will arrive at the wedding day relaxed and ready to fully enjoy the most beautiful day of your life.  


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