The dress of the men sent: what style rules to follow?

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Wedding dress man

Your wedding dress should be stylish, sharp, attractive and sophisticated. Following these style rules and you will ideally attire for waling up the aisle…

Respect the color scheme dress of the men

The bride’s dress might be secret but you will find that when it comes to selecting your dress, your wife to be will want to say in the issue. For a start she will expect your dress to coordinate with a color scheme that she has selected for her bridesmaids, she might even go so far as demanding that your groomsmen wear an elegant tie, pocket chief or even a color of wainscot that matches.

Set a realistic budget

It is vital to budget for your wedding dress so you do not spend too much. Also, think who’ll be paying for the men dress. Will all of them be expected to pay for their own outfit? If this is the reason make sure that they’re aware of this to keep away from any misunderstanding later on.


Whether you’re wearing a morning dress, modern dress, highland wear or tuxedo, try to pick your outfit at least 2 months before the wedding. This’ll provide you time to have proper fittings and make some needed changed.

Your dress should fit Your Wedding Style: 

The dress you pick should fit the style of the marriage venue and wedding vide and style, so if you are having your marriage ballroom, we advise you to wear a formal tuxedo with clean black bow tie, if you are having a more casual marriage theme then you’re free to wear a more casual suit.

Ideal Body Fit

Ensure your trousers are the correct lengths, neither too short nor too long, and that the sleeves of your jackets let for an inch of the cuff to be seen. The jacket hem should gaze the cleanly part of your thumb when your hand is at your way, and 1 inch of the shirt cuff should show past the sleeves. The neckband should let enough space so that you can slip 2 fingers in when it is buttoned. The shirt cuff should over the wrist.


Ensure the width of your tie matches that width of your lapel or pick to have a more modern look by pairing a dress with thin lapels, with a funky bow tie.

Button to button 

The sign of a fine fitted dress is when the top button of a 2 buttoned dress, or the mid button of a 3 button, fall about your above belly button.


Your belt should be the similar shade to your shoes. Shoes should be black, leather, lace up and finely polished. Resist the urge to wear cozy trainers or converse.

Waistcoat rules 

Forever leave the bottom button of your wainscot undone, just do not ask us why!

Finishing touches 

Do not forget the finishing touches such as tie pin, pocket watch, and some rather dapper footwear. Do not overlook the pocket tie – it adds an actual sense of style to your look, only ensure it is not in the similar fabric as your tie. In its place of mix and match for a more contemporary look!

Some other additional things to follow: 

A groom should practice wearing the dress he will wear on his wedding date

Now that you’ve picked your dress out it is time to practice wearing it finely. What I mean by this is really placing clothing on and wearing it for a little. Feel free to wear it around the home to get super comfortable with it on or even during the time at work. Just be careful not to harm the dress in any way!

If you can pick a suite over a tuxedo outfit as it’ll provide you with a comfort of wearing it outside in the public. You’ll also have a piece of clothing that’ll last you several years. If you purchase a new pair of shoes of your marriage also make sure that you break these in prior. There’s nothing worse than sore, painful feet!

Communicate with the partner to be about wedding clothing preparation

Do not mistake the value of this rule just because it’s last on my list. This is very important! Your lady is a vital part of the wedding preparation of your marriage but is certain to add your input as well. Offer guidance and direction to your groomsmen in terms of what dressing they should wear right-up to the accessories. Once you do, ensure you’ve this communicated to her, if you’ve done your complete research have taken the bull by the horns, she’d be on board with this.

Conversation is key in life. Besides, taking part in a marriage that you feel have straightly participated to makes it that much easier and better.

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