5 ideas for a trendy corner on your wedding day

by | Jan 8, 2022 | Weddings Tips

ape car corner wedding

Wedding Corner. Are you sure you know all the hottest trends for your wedding reception? Some of the things that just can’t be missed on the best day of your life are fantastic themed corners! What are they? Let’s find out together!

Have you ever thought that in the most important day of your life, the one in which you will wear the wedding dress of your dreams, you could amaze your guests with wonderful custom corners? In addition to wedding favors and place cards, there are many ways to customize the day of the fateful Yes! Most likely in recent years, you will have noticed in different ceremonies of the corners reserved for the tasting of Cuban cigars, rum, whiskey, etc.., now this custom is catching on considerably and there are more and more services that you can use for the day of your wedding. Let’s see together which are the most trendy corners!

1 Long drink corner: Mojito or Caipiroska?

Let’s start from a fresh and imaginative cocktail corner, in the warmer seasons sipping a mojito or a fresh caipiroska by the pool will certainly be an idea much appreciated by your guests. Turning to one of the many lounge bars or catering you have relied on for the realization of the dishes of the banquet, you can order a nice drink station set up according to the style and the means that you like best, perhaps with a timeless Ape Car Calessino or a wooden stand with boards that indicate the various types of mojitos and the full menu of cocktails that you intend to offer. What do you think?

2 Aperol spritz or beer wedding corner for those who love bubbles

Nowadays the fans of this aperitif made with prosecco, bitter and sparkling water are increasing, in fact, the famous recipe born in Veneto has become a must-have throughout Europe!
On the other hand, you can pay homage to hop lovers with a nice beer corner that offers the opportunity to taste various types of craft beer, a welcome option among beer lovers.

3 Wine tasting for the most refined palates

An area reserved for wine tasting with a sommelier service is a good option for those elegant weddings where you want to give an extra touch of refinement and class. A sommelier will illustrate to your guests the wine list and will suggest to them the best matching according to the food. Moreover, a good bottle of wine can be an original wedding favor very appreciated by wine lovers.

4 Not only drinks, but also the most refined gastronomy

Let’s focus now on the culinary part, among the most successful corners we can certainly mention the corner of fried food, that is an area dedicated to fried food of various kinds, sea or land, made by chefs at the moment. It is also possible to create a pleasant dissonance by combining a rustic wedding corner with typical Italian products to one with ethnic food.

Another welcome tasting corner is undoubtedly that of cheeses, one of the distinctive signs of the Italian culinary culture. These are divided into various types, depending on the seasoning and dairy processing, so a careful selection of cheeses divided according to the seasoning and accompanied by artisan jams and organic honey will give an authentic touch to your banquet.

5 How to delight the sweet tooth with an ice cream wedding corner

What about delighting adults but especially children with a delicious chocolate affogato or a strawberry variegate? There are many ice cream parlors make available for ceremonies of mini walking ice cream parlors on two or four wheels. A very good idea also for the embellishment of the location where the reception will take place, in fact, if for your banquet you have chosen a particular style and you have made it themed with original place cards and a refined vintage mise en place, you can choose to customize also your ice cream truck! An ice cream cart on a bicycle or tricycle, the choice is yours!

Dulcis in fundo how not to mention the tasty waterfall of melted chocolate? Another delicious and fun idea that will make everyone lick their chops! Why not make a mess of your hands by dipping delicious fruit skewers or pastries into the melted chocolate?

So you have decided which corner will be ideal for your wedding? Choose those most suitable to your location, of course, if the wedding will take place in a beautiful courtyard outdoors you can indulge yourself with many more options, you can also ask the printer who will take charge of the realization of your wedding invitations to print pretty cards indicating the variety and type of individual dishes or drinks offered in various corners.


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