Wedding favors: what are the trendy ones?

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Are you in the midst of the planning phase? Surely you are wondering what are the trendy wedding favors for this year. In this article some ideas from which to take a cue!

Looking for ideas for wedding favors cheap, useful, original, or trendy? Are you organizing a “big event” and want every detail to be “up to the mark”, from wedding invitations to gifts for guests? If you have already sifted through all our articles on the best ideas for wedding place cards, in this you will find out how to surprise your guests by leaving a lasting memory.

Wedding favors for Apulian Wedding: the trends of 2021

What are the trendy wedding favors for Apulian wedding? Have you ever thought of giving a book of a necklace, recipes, or travel to each guest? Many innovative ideas are making the room a little at a time in place of the traditional and classic wedding favors that we have been accustomed to over the years, which still remain a viable solution as a small cadeaux to give to the guests. Are you looking for ideas for cheap wedding favors or simply want to give a touch of originality to this element of the wedding that sometimes sounds so redundant for its classicism? Let’s take a look at the latest fashions, maybe among them there is also the right wedding favor for you!

1. Gastronomic wedding favors

In recent years, among the useful wedding favors, we can certainly find gastronomic or food favors. A beautiful idea, but above all good, that will satisfy the palates of all your guests. Among the wedding favors of this type are small jars of honey, bottles of wine, oil, liquor, chocolates, beer … All handmade and local products.

Gastronomic wedding favors


2. Cultural” wedding favors

Books remain the most beautiful, interesting and certainly appreciated by most people. You could give books of recipes in case of wedding-themed culinary, city guides for wedding-themed travel, comic books, and funny, poetry or philosophy!


Cultural wedding favors


3. Scented wedding favors

The Brides Of MarcoThe Brides Of MarcoThe perfumers are a classic idea but today you can present in the form of original wedding favors that will be something really good and appreciated, another alternative are the beautiful porcelain jars containing scented candles for interior decoration of the house. And more: soaps, personalized perfumes, diffusers, bags for closets and linens, incense, scented chalks…


Scented wedding favors


4. Wedding favors: miniatures and figurines

You could give a miniature of you newlyweds, stylized or porcelain, or some object in theme with your wedding, such as starfish or fish in the case of a beach wedding for example. The idea is that the object should be personalized and original: a pizza cutter with your initials, a heart-shaped bottle opener, a keychain with two figures representing the bride and groom, a nice coffee pot… Today you can really find and customize any kind of object!


Wedding favors: miniatures and figurines


5. Eco-friendly wedding favors

In recent times we have also seen how the theme of environmental sustainability has been accepted by many couples, so what about eco-friendly wedding favors? Small succulent plants, with different shapes, to give to your guests, will make everyone happy and fill their homes with a beautiful memory of your big day!


Eco-friendly wedding favors


6. DIY wedding favors

Then there is the DIY concept, which never fades and is the best ally of those who, albeit with a limited budget, does not want to give up a present nice and appreciated by his guests. We are talking about the DIY wedding favors in fact, which always remain among the most trendy. The possibilities are really many, from the personal production of special candles or soaps with special shapes to small glass bottles containing beautiful shells, you just have to free your imagination and … roll up your sleeves!


DIY wedding favors


7. Solidarity wedding favors

Finally, if you want to help make the day of people less fortunate than you special, solidarity wedding favors are always a great way to close in the best way your most beautiful day. You can choose between different charities and make you propose various types of wedding favors. I specifically contribute to help this association A.G.A.P.E. in San Giovanni Rotondo, an association aimed at helping small children with Hemopathy.


Solidarity wedding favors


If you are looking for more suggestions and wedding favor ideas continue to be a dilemma, fear not! You have at your disposal a wide range of choices that meet every need and you will surely find the ones that suit you best. Do you want to give an extra touch of style? Choose from various wedding phrases from which you can take inspiration and insert them in your tableau de marriage for example! The result will be surprisingly romantic. 

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