Decorations with olive tree: 50 ways to set up your wedding in an essential and refined way!

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A tree rich in history and symbolism ranging from Greek mythology to Christianity: in this article, we present the olive tree as a symbol of wedding decorations. Discover with us which are the best for your wedding!

The olive tree is a prodigious plant cultivated and honored by man since ancient times. Its symbolism recalls values of peace, wisdom and rebirth. Precisely because of its evocative power, in recent years it has become part of the world of wedding arrangements and decorations in many different ways: from centerpieces to coordinated graphics, from the topper on the wedding cake to the bridal bouquet. The refinement of detail and the particularity of the elements used make this plant unique in its kind. Here are some ideas for a wedding theme olive tree!

Wedding invitations olive tree theme

Using the olive tree in wedding invitations and, more generally, in all the graphic coordination that includes tags, gift paper for wedding favors, ceremony booklet and menu, is a choice that will immediately embellish your wedding. We leave you with two practical suggestions related to the new trends:

choose a simple but fine paper, in the weight and watermark, perhaps slightly antiqued and then staple or glue twigs and leaves for a real touch of your wedding symbol;
use illustrations and images of the olive tree in watercolor style for a delicate and poetic result.

Olive tree theme wedding tableau

Even the wedding tableau can turn into a distinctive element for your themed wedding. The secret lies in balancing everything with elegance and sobriety, creating that mystical atmosphere full of magic. You can hang the various tickets with the names of guests divided by table, on the fronds of an ancient olive tree that dominates in all its splendor at the entrance of your location, or you can embellish an old door or an old window with lush olive branches from which will then start the various tickets. Remember: the ideal months for this plant are those ranging from August to November, when the branches are full of olives.

What about having your florist make small garlands in which to insert the names of the tables? If you prefer escort cards, however, you can staple a small leaf on each card.
Now have fun choosing the names of the tables, but if you want to stick to your central theme, we suggest you use all the names of the olives; there are an estimated 139 varieties grown in 23 different countries. You are spoiled for choice and can favor local specialties.

Olive tree theme wedding place cards

And once in the location? Even here you can let your guests breathe all that magic created with the tableau. The olive tree is a tree with a wide versatility and, just like aromatic plants, it lends itself very well as a centerpiece and placeholders. For example, you can create original gifts with olive branches and silk or satin ribbons; you can make small oil cruets; dwarf olive plants; handmade soaps with olive oil. All these ideas can also be replicated for your wedding favors.

Olive tree theme wedding bouquets

One of the most current trends is to place the olive tree among the main elements of the bouquet of flowers, as well as giving an additional natural touch, thanks to its pastel green shades, gives the necessary volume to the floral composition making it extremely elegant. And that’s not all: in country chic ceremonies or with a distinctly bucolic soul, many brides choose olive trees to liven up their hairstyles. So, the classic crowns of peonies and lilies of the valley, are enriched with green sprigs of deep meaning, for a fine and delicate bridal look, but do not be afraid: if you do not know where to start, the advice of a good florist will help you choose the combinations that best suit the style of your wedding!

If you want your Apulian wedding to be an olive-themed one, all you have to do is get inspired by our photo gallery and then try to focus this element on a defined color palette. Discover the latest trends on wedding colors of 2021: as many as 7 shades that can be used to evoke feelings, moods, and very specific elements such as your olive tree. What about natural tones to match this wonderful plant?


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