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To make your wedding banquet special you will have to think about every single detail, and in particular you can indulge in the wedding dessert buffet. The latter should follow the wedding banquet and usually corresponds to the final part of the reception, the one where favors can also be distributed.

If you don’t know which desserts to choose, don’t worry: first of all, there is no rule imposing the presence of one recipe rather than another, but you can have mignons, mousses of all kinds, different cakes, doughnuts, eclairs, cream puffs and many other ideas served.

After the wedding banquet, the wedding dessert buffet

The other delicacies

The candy bar

The wedding cake


The right corner for everything

After the wedding banquet, the wedding dessert buffet

It usually starts after the wedding banquet, that is, after you have finished lunch or dinner, and it is just as full of delicious dishes. We are talking about the wedding dessert buffet, which can feature recipes from every region and preparations of all kinds.

Obviously, if the first part of the reception was also far too rich in dishes, the buffet could be sober, elegant, but maybe not exaggerated. At the same time, however, should not lack a certain variety, which can color the table and enrich it with ideas to chocolate, almonds, hazelnuts, seasonal fruit, cream, truffle, pistachio or any other flavor.

Since the guests will be numerous, remember not to choose only one type of cake or pastry, but try to opt for different desserts, which may also be common and very popular, without worrying too much about finding perfection. Sometimes, in fact, simplicity is much more appreciated than an overly elaborate dish. Choose cream puffs filled with chocolate or cream, cassatines or even Sicilian cannoli, but also Neapolitan sfogliatelle and even the particular eclairs.

To all this you can also add different types of cookies, such as those with almond paste or even simpler, to be served perhaps with suitable drinks, among which should never be missing more than a jug of water, but also fruit juices and on the one hand even sparkling wine, for those who want to take a little.

Other Delicacies

Among the other delicacies useful for the buffet of desserts for the wedding you can also include macarons, particular for their bright colors, but also for their goodness. The table should be abundant, full of various shades, but at the same time all the recipes should be in the form of single portions or even mignon. This in fact will also facilitate the guests to take the chosen pasta, or a certain piece of cake.

Regarding the latter, the buffet can also include several classic cakes, such as doughnuts, but also pies, especially if you are in a farmhouse or in a rural environment. This is because in this case you can try to bring out the taste of authenticity and homemade recipes.

To all this, however, you must also add an inevitable corner called “candy bar”.

The candy bar

It’s called “candy bar” and can not miss in your buffet of sweets, because it is a very nice and special tradition. Already from the first term you can guess that it is something that has to do with candy of all kinds. The word “bar” on the other hand emphasizes that you will have to detach these delicacies from the rest of the table and have them placed on a special table.

We are talking about candies, colorful confetti, bon bon, cookies, marzipan men very colorful and handmade, but not only. You can also insert sweets typical of your region or small mignon particular, perhaps even made of sugar paste.

The important thing is that all this is contained within ceramic or glass jars, which appear elegant and that are possibly surrounded by lace, to give an extra touch of originality.

The wedding cake

Do not forget that then, included in the desserts, and to be served before the buffet, there will also be the wedding cake, so better to try to make a varied buffet, this yes, but not too exaggerated, otherwise there is a risk that guests will not be able to consume even a mignon.

Many people choose to include already in the buffet table the wedding cake, although not everyone agrees to show it in this way. The ideal in fact would be first to serve the cake, as is usually done, and then give access to the dessert buffet and candy bar.

The decorations

To make the moment perfect, you’ll also have to remember that this is not a birthday cake buffet but neither is it a christening cake buffet. This means that you will have to avoid putting colorful balloons or unsuitable ornaments. Rather, it would be ideal if you were to prepare a single table especially for the buffet, which perhaps takes up the shades and tones of the place cards, as well as the colors of the rest of the surrounding environment.

In addition to this, you can also think about choosing special plates, which perhaps can bring out the color of creams, chocolate or decorative elements already present on the desserts. It is better to choose metal plates or trays, a material that is always perfect for such occasions, and avoid plastic instead.

The right corner for everything

If you will be celebrating in a restaurant for weddings, the latter will be able to deal entirely with the setting up concerning the buffet, but not only. Connected to the latter there is also the preparation of a corner to be reserved exclusively for drinks and another to be dedicated only to cigars or an area for smokers.

The restaurant can also take care of reserving a special table for the candy bar, or it could carry out the dessert buffet in another room, different from the one where lunch or dinner is held.

You’ll need to prepare a corner for everything even if you’ll be holding your reception outdoors, making sure to always reserve a porch or room as a “trump card” in case it rains. As we have seen, you will have to think of so many details to make your wedding banquet complete, thanks to the preparation of a magnificent buffet of desserts.

Instead, what kind of wedding dessert buffet would you like for your wedding in Puglia?

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