Ideas for Original Tableau Mariage

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To make an original tableau mariage you can follow many very original ideas and you can also let yourself be guided by your imagination, but always trying to keep the decorations that reflect the surroundings and the ornaments or colors that you have chosen for the location.

There are people who decide to create simple colored boards, others use frames, others use very different materials, such as jute or different fabrics, and there are also those who use special jars or jars where to insert the names of the guests. In short, the ideas for tableau are really numerous.

  • Tableau mariage original: what exactly is it
  • Wedding tableau ideas: the most special
  • The jars of plants, honey and frames
  • Other original ideas and table names

Original tableau mariage: what is it exactly

To understand how to make original tableau mariage, it is good to first define what exactly is the wedding tableau, also called “tableau spouses”. These are simply posters on which are written the names of the guests and the table at which they will have to sit.

Usually, these elements are placed either directly at the entrance of the chosen wedding location, or even near the table dedicated to the aperitif. In this way, at the time when the guests are serving themselves to take the samples and are waiting for the arrival of the young couple, they can meanwhile have time to read how the arrangement of the tables has been established. Among the many ideas to get an original wedding tableau, there are those that involve the use of jars of honey, or even jars with seedlings, simple posters, but not only.

Wedding tableau ideas: the most particular

The general rule for the creation of an original tableau mariage is to follow the theme of the wedding. The latter may consist in a particular color that has been chosen, or even in a theme concerning the passion of the couple, such as the one for the sea or the countryside, or even for some products of the earth, such as wine, fruit, and so on.

The symbolic element of the wedding decoration will have to appear on the tableau as well, no matter what kind of shape or structure you will have chosen to realize it. In a nutshell, much of the decoration depends on your wedding theme or color you have chosen. To give you an example, if the location is by the sea or otherwise close by, you can opt for nice ornaments for the tableau, perhaps depicting sea waves or even little fish. Many choose to make a large poster board on which they hang cards. The latter may have as a background a characteristic design, which may depict the blue sea or a hill, if the wedding takes place in a rural setting.

Farm lovers, however, can also choose to make each card in the shape of a wine bottle, a perfect idea especially if you have organized a wedding in a vineyard.

Another idea that is very simple and also easy to realize consists in the realization of one large card made of smaller cards, on the background of which, however, there is the number of the table. In this way, all those who will sit at table 1 will have a card from which to check the names of those who will sit next to them, the same thing for those who will sit at table number 2, and so on.

In this case, however, to create a touch of originality, you can decorate the outline of the card. On the latter in fact you can insert flowers, if you are doing an outdoor wedding, or even spices, to emphasize the authenticity of nature. In other cases even small climbing plants, which will adorn the entire perimeter of the tableau. However, these are not the only ideas to get original tablieau mariage.

The jars of plants, honey and frames

It is not necessarily that the tableau must be formed by huge posters. Rather, you can also choose to decorate a single wall, with all the names of the guests. However, to figure out which table they will have to sit at, you can choose to use themed jars. If you are in a farmhouse or in a natural environment, you could attach to the wall small tin pots with cactus plants inside. Each of them will represent a table and to recognize the number or name, you could write to them on the outside of the jar. Inside the jar, you can also insert small sticks that indicate the names of the guests, so as to create a unique idea.

The same thing can also be done with frames, which can be either hung on a wall or on a special wooden panel. These kinds of photo frames, however, should contain only the names of the guests. Alternatively, you can also insert small pictures of the guests, if you are familiar enough with all of them and if you do not risk putting in place an idea that is not appreciated by the guests.

If you are celebrating your wedding in the countryside or on a farm, you can also set up a corner with lots of jars of honey, each representing a table. At each jar you can then hang tags indicating the names of the guests.

Other original ideas and table names

Other very original ideas for tableaus include the use of small jute or fabric cords from which to hang several name tags, each of which contains the name of a guest. Each string will represent a table. In addition to this idea, you can also simply use a blackboard, on which to write the names of guests, perhaps using colored chalk.

In short, you can really indulge, as well as with the names of the tables. These do not have to be numbered, but you can also give them special names, such as the names of planets, or the name of famous wineries, plants, flowers, in short, everything depends on the theme of your wedding.

There are also those who choose names that indicate certain shades of colors, and then decorate the table making sure that everything is decorated only with green elements, only with pink, only with blue, and so on. In short, there is no rule, but simply remember that to have a perfect wedding tableau, you just need something simple, but at the same time also has a touch of originality and imagination.


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