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Have you already chosen your spring bouquet? Spring is the season of rebirth and renewal, a symbol of new scents and colors, but above all an emblem of the warmth of the sun that begins again to awaken nature.

What better occasion to have a spring wedding and start a new life together than this season that gives us a “new beginning”?

As we have already said several times, the bouquet can not absolutely miss the day of your wedding; whether it is a classic shape, round and compact, or cascade, single flower or in more modern variants, this does not matter, it must still be your most beautiful accessory and reflect the personality of each of you. At the same time, to be truly perfect, in addition to matching your dress and the theme of the wedding, the bouquet must be composed of flowers that recall the season of your wedding and its colors and, those same flowers, must then be maintained in all floral arrangements, from those present in the place of the ceremony to those in the place of the reception.

In this regard, you spring brides should be happy because you are getting married in one of the most beautiful periods of the year and for this reason also among the most popular to celebrate weddings, a season in which you will be spoiled for choice to select the right flowers for your wedding;

There are in fact, there are varieties of delicate and soft shades, mixed with other stronger and more intense and, of course, going to choose between the flowers of the season, the savings will be considerable and you can also bet on the use of companies in our territory without having to buy imported products as it might happen in other seasons.

In short, you will be free to choose from many varieties of both shapes and colors.

What are the colors for a spring bouquet?

For the realization of a spring bouquet there are several paths that can be followed, but three are in our opinion the main ones and are directly related to the color choice you want to make.

Thinking of Spring brings to mind all the delicate pastel shades that we associate with this season, and we could therefore direct ourselves towards compositions in which we notice, in a soft way, a right dose of color. Among these colors, the most popular are two: yellow, the natural color of this season that, combined with white and green, will give life to a particularly fresh look, or, alternatively, for the bride who is looking for a more romantic side, you could think of pink, combined with shades of peach and cream.

Another possible direction to follow, for a more youthful and fun choice, could be to opt for a mix of bright colors that symbolize a spring garden in full bloom and maybe, among them, make one stand out from the others in order to give an even stronger tone to the composition.

As a last resort, if the bride does not want to opt for notes of color in her bouquet, but for something more traditional, you could use a composition of white flowers and green foliage to convey that wonderful feeling of freshness and rebirth of this season.

What are the right flowers for a spring bouquet?

As mentioned above, there are many flowers that bloom in this season, so your choice will be dictated mainly by the tone you want to give to your wedding:

Peonies, Irises and Roses if you love an elegant, romantic and refined wedding. Hydrangeas, Lisianthus, Ranunculus and Lilacs if you want to go towards a country-chic style while maintaining a thread of elegance; if you want to include in this theme more lively, fun and eccentric notes, then you can safely use Gerberas with more decisive colors.

If, on the other hand, you want to organize an open-air party, informal and particularly youthful, then chamomile flowers, daisies, sweet peas or small gerberas will be perfect; these flowers will have to be gathered in light and somewhat messy bouquets to emphasize this “open-air” style.

The incurably romantic bride, with a taste even a little ‘retro, can not miss a small and fragrant bouquet of lily of the valley or hyacinths.
But there are still more flowers at your disposal, you can also use colorful Tulips, elegant Callas and Freesia, sophisticated and fragrant, not to mention Daffodils and Anemones.

To complete your bouquet you can then decide to add crystals and pearls to give a fresh and sparkling effect of dew, or following a more colorful way, you can add small butterflies or play with ribbons of light colored organza.

We have listed just a few of the many possibilities for creating your spring bouquet, but the important thing is to always choose those flowers and elements that will be the perfect expression of your style, your personality and your way of being.

Take a look at this gallery of images for a spring bouquet that we have selected for you and hoping that you liked this article and that it will be a source of inspiration for you, let us know what you think, share it on your social networks and if you still have any doubts on the subject, do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure for us to answer your questions.


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